Strength and balancing

If you're an older adult (65+) and you'd like to become more active, Paths for All have produced 10 simple exercises that will improve strength and balance and reduce the risk of falls.  

The CMO Guidelines for Older Adults 2011 recommends that you should aim to be active daily and incorporate activity to improve strength and balance twice each week.

To read more about the guidance for Physical Activity and older adults visit the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health (BHFNC) website.

For further information about strength and balance, please see Paths for All's website.  For other queries, contact local Paths for All Development Officers.

North – Helen Wilson
East Central Belt – Julie Burza
West Central Belt – Raija Darley
South – Lindsey Gray



The aim of the plan is to get you walking briskly for at least half an hour on at least five days of the week.