Walk and Talk

Why not try a walking meeting – they are one way to be productive and get some fresh air at the same time.

A walking meeting is exactly what it sounds like, a meeting held while you walk.  It’s not a new phenomenon, Aristotle was said to walk with his students as he taught, it’s only a recent idea that we meet around tables seated in chairs.

How to run a walking meeting:

  1. Work out if your meeting and the people your meeting can go walkabout, limit the numbers to no more than 6, this will enable everyone to have a chance to hear and participate
  2. Organize everything you'll need for the meeting beforehand and include an agenda.
  3. With everyone's permission consider taping the meeting with a recorder that can be synced to a computer. Or assign someone to scribe and take a small notepad to jot down any actions.

Make sure everyone knows it’s a walking meeting and remind them to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing.

  1. Figure out how long the walking meeting should be with a consideration of the workers fitness levels.
  2. Think about where to go, urban settings which are both stimulating and convenient.  Indoors is also possible given large enough hallways or spacious halls or malls.
  3. Avoid noisy roads - natural settings work best.
  4. Make sure the walking pace is comfortable for everyone.
  5. Make sure you talk to everyone, try walking 2 – 3 abreast and make sure everyone can hear what is being discussed.
  6. Check the weather and provide a few umbrellas so the weather doesn't become a barrier to conducting the meeting outside.
  7. Try it and see how it works. After the first few you can ask participants for feedback to try and improve your next walking meeting.

A walking meeting can break up a workday, help people stay fit, and make for a more joyful working community. Why not give it a go?


The aim of the plan is to get you walking briskly for at least half an hour on at least five days of the week.