Know the Code

Enjoy Scotland's outdoors responsibly.

Everyone has the right to be on most land and water for recreation, education and for going from place to place, providing they act responsibly. These access rights and responsibilities are explained in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. The key things are:

When you’re in the outdoors

  • take personal responsibility for your own actions and act safely
  • respect people’s privacy and peace of mind
  • help land managers and others to work safely and effectively
  • care for your environment and take your litter home
  • keep your dog under proper control
  • take extra care if you’re organising an event or running a business

If you're managing the outdoors

  • respect access rights
  • act reasonably when asking people to avoid land management operations
  • work with your local authority and other bodies to help integrate access and land management
  • respect rights of way and customary access

What does all this mean?

Find out more by visiting or phoning Scottish Natural Heritage.

Download the full text of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code


The aim of the plan is to get you walking briskly for at least half an hour on at least five days of the week.