Progession from Health Walks

Margaret's Story

MargaretI joined the Active Stirling walking group after I retired from work about 7 years ago. I didn't really have any health problems but I felt I needed to get some exercise. There were so many benefits from walking in a group. The fear of walking alone in remote areas was removed. The fact that the time and place were already arranged made me get up and go each week instead of turning over in bed if it was a cold winter morning or a miserable summer day. Probably most beneficial of all was the social aspect and the many lasting friendships that were formed. I will always be grateful for the comfort and support of fellow members when my husband died about a year or so after I joined the group.

It was about another year later that one of our Active Stirling members said she had joined the Ramblers and convinced me that I would be able to cope with the longer walks. I went along one Sunday without realising that there were different grades of walk and found myself puffing and panting up a hill.  My heart was racing and at that moment I thought it would be my first and last outing with the Ramblers. In fact I thought it might be my last outing anywhere!!

The leader had called it "The Three Hills Walk" but I thought we were going to be walking past the hills.....not actually climbing them! However, after I had succeeded in conquering all three summits without the need for resuscitation and was enjoying a refreshment in the local hostelry after the walk, I decided that I would quite like to join the Stirling, Falkirk and District Ramblers. After all I could stick to the easier walks but still enjoy the friendship and socialising.

It is now four and a half years since I joined and I can't believe how much fitter I have become. I walk almost every Sunday and some weekdays as well. I have now climbed several Munros including Ben Nevis and completed several long distance walks including The West Highland Way. The Group have at least three weekends away each year and I haven't missed one since I joined.  It's hard to imagine what my life would be like now if I hadn't joined the Ramblers.

Pat's Story

 I joined the Bums Off Seats health walks in Dalgety Bay to get some exercise – my dog was getting old and wasn’t giving me the same push to go out walking.  Being widowed with no family I needed to get out and about, I thought by joining a walking group I would find company and be able to exercise. So I joined the Bums Off Seats health walks and years later I’m still walking with them. 

I enjoyed it so much I progressed on to join Ramblers Roamers group, who do monthly walks of 3-6 miles and after a number of years I felt I wanted to join the main Ramblers group for longer walks and am enjoying every minute of it! 

I find fresh air is about the best tonic you can get for boosting up one’s batteries, combine this with chatter, laughter and good company you have the perfect recipe for keeping healthy.  I feel relaxed and uplifted after these walks, meeting and making new friends always makes you feel good.  I have been to so many lovely different places, have made some really good friends and most of all enjoyed being out in the fresh air walking with some really interesting people.


The aim of the plan is to get you walking briskly for at least half an hour on at least five days of the week.